$1,490 USD


If you are looking for a luxurious catamaran trip on the Caribbean Sea, then this is the perfect boat for you.

Step aboard the 40’ lagoon catamaran and sail into a sea full of adventure. This boat is equipped with a big cushioned sundeck in which everyone will be able to take the sun, get some refreshing drinks from our open bar and get a good laugh with friends. For those who don’t like the sun, we have the back part of the boat which has a plenty of shade and offers the same amount of fun as the front.

This catamaran offers a high-end sound system that can be connected to by using Bluetooth. Enjoy listening to your own funky beats and dance along!

You can access the large living room from the back part which has a kitchen, this is the place where those delicious drinks are made! Below deck you will find 3 large cabins with queen size beds, and 4 large bathrooms with showers.

We also offer some good guacamole and ceviche which will be prepared with much love by our experienced crew members, they will make sure to take care of you all and ensure you have an amazing time.

As we sail, we will have some fishing rods from which we might catch something during the tours duration.

For disclosure, I just want to point out that this catamaran is family friendly and all ages are more than welcome. Do not worry as this is a very comfy catamaran we are sure you will enjoy.

See you soon!


$1,490 USD

5 good reasons to book with us:
  • All different kind of tours
  • No crowds at check in
  • Gorgeous catamaran
  • Leaving from Puerto Aventuras, very close to Tulum
  • Couple of fishing rods while sailing
  • Delicious food onboard
  • Amazing Crew
Premium Upgrade
  • Silver premium Up Grade
  • Gold Premium Open Bar
  • On board Chefs
Boat Characteristics
  • Length overall: 11.74 m /38.6’’
  • Beam: 6.76 m /22’2’’
  • Draft: 1.35m/4’5’’
  • Mast clearance: 18.42 m/60’5’’
  • Sail area: 81.3m2/875 sq ft
Tours with the Boat 40 Lagoon